Can't save document localy with desktop editor

Hi everyone!

I’m experiencing a very annoying issue with desktop editor. Each time I want to save a document I just edited, this message pops-up :
only office bug

In english, it means :

"File cannot be saved.
*Possible reasons are : *
1. File is in read-only mod
2. Files are being edited by another user
3. Hard-drive is full or corrupted"

Basically, in my case none of those assertions are true. And I still cannot save my work… Any ideas ?

OS version: Windows 11
App version:
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Other (specify)

Hello @tomboudiboudi

Please let me know how exactly you are saving the document, i.e. step-by-step scenario.
Also, does it happen when creating new file or only for existing file when editing them?

Hi @Constantine and thank you for replying,

When I create a new document, I can save it wherever I want when it’s still totally blank, so unless I wrote anything in it. Since I edit it, I can’t save it anymore (and I get the message described above).
When I open an existing document which I start to edit, I can’t save it after editing it (again, same message pops-up).

Please add --ascdesktop-support-debug-info to the Target field of Desktop Editors shortcut, for example, like that with default installation path:

"C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\DesktopEditors.exe" --ascdesktop-support-debug-info

And then follow this scenario to reproduce the issue:

  1. Create a new empty document;
  2. Open Devtools by pressing F1;
  3. Add any content to the document;
  4. Try saving the document to any directory (preferable to attempt saving to the disk on which Desktop Editors are installed first);
  5. Provide screenshots of any errors that you see in the Console tab of Devtools.