Word processor - the cursor sometimes vanishes


here is something I haven’t noticed before v8 :
In some case, the cursor is no longer visible:

In the above screencap,
1- I have text in a table,
2- 10th second : I erase a space
3 - 11th second : I type add again a space, the text after is sent to the next line and the cursor vanishes
4 - 15th sec : I start typing again, the cursor is back.

You can also note the unwanted scroll at the 11th second… it would be nice that you spend some time on it :slight_smile:

I have the feeling that it is related to the fact that I’m working in a table.

To conclude, this is happening often and not seing the cursor is a pain.

Thanks for analysing it.

The file (but occurs with others):
MHF - P4-S5 - Atelier 3 CM2.docx (29.5 KB)

Another example:

  • no cursor before
  • cursor is back when I change the cell’s width:

I might have found something interesting:

In the screencap, I’m clicking on the right of a line to get the cursor at the end of the text.
What I see:

  • when the text fits on one line, I get the cursor
  • when the text spans over 2 lines, when I click at the right of the first line: I expect the cursor to be at the end of it (after “plus” in this case)… but I get nothing.

Note that LO is working as expected:

Thanks !

we are analysing the first mentioned issue.
Also, please provide the original file on which you reproduced the second issue with two lines.

MHF - P4-S6 - Atelier 1 CM1.docx (33.1 KB)

The formatting is different in the document that you provided. In the reproduction video your new line started after (“il est plus”).
Please provide the original file with the same formatting as on the reproduction video.