Unraid Docker Container - OnlyOfficeDocumentServer - "The file size exceeds the limitation set for your server" error

Hello, OnlyOffice Fans!

I’m currently running the OnlyOfficeDocumentServer on a Unraid Server VIA Docker App through the Community Applications store. I’m using OnlyOffice through Nextcloud, which is working until I open up a large PowerPoint file. I’m receiving an error saying

“The file size exceeds the limitation set for your server. Please contact your Document Server admin for details”

I found other articles that you need to edit your default.json file located underneath /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json. However… The docker container that Installed via the Community Applications store did not create a default.json file underneath the documentserver. Do I need to create a default.json file and add a Path to it?



Document Server version: onlyoffice/documentserver:latest

Hello @DC_Interstellar

In previous thread you have posted an image where you are looking in /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver. This makes me think that you are missing one step before finding the config - you need to look for /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json inside the Docker container with Document Server.
In general, once logged in to the terminal of machine where Document Server via Docker is installed, you need to execute docker ps to enlist all running containers, then connect to Document Server container with docker exec -it [ID] bash specifying ID of container with Document Server and then look for the config.

That said, please try connecting to the container in the first place. Also, remember that once config is changed, you need to restart all services of Document Server inside the container with command supervisorctl restart all to apply the change.

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Hi @Constantine,

Thank you so much for the fast response on how to fix this issue.

When I have the terminal running, I ran the docker ps command. It did show all the running docker containers. I then proceed to use command docker exec -it [ID] bash and by replacing the [ID} by the container ID. I am now logged into the console for the onlyoffice/documentserver docker container.

I then used the cd command to enter the following path you provided to me: cd /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/and found the default.json file!
One thing that makes me confused that I have seen that some users use:/etc as a reference for YOUR own path. But now I learned something new that there is a directory call: /etc
That is why I was looking at /var/www/onlyoffice/documentserver to find the default.json file.

I used the nano command to edit the default.json file and scrolled all the way down to the bottom until I see “InputLimits” and edited the “uncompressed” limit. I then proceed to edit the “maxDownloadBytes” to the correct amount of bytes I need.

I saved and closed the .json file. Used the following command you provided me to restart the docker container while I’m still inside the console: supervisorctl restart all

The file that I was trying to open kept giving me the exact same here. But after removing the file and re-adding it back into Nextcloud several times, Only Office eventually opened it up!

Thank you so much for your help!

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