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The file size exceeds the limitation set for your server

When I opened a 106.5MB sized PPT document, the ONLYOFFICE docs server reported an error:

The file size exceeded the limit set for your server. Please contact your Document Server administrator for details.

I tried to modify some values in default.json, but it still doesn’t work. How can I modify the upper limit of editing file size?

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Hello @Jackson

To increase that value first locate and open /etc/onlyoffice/documentserver/default.json config, then find "inputLimits" section and change the value for presentation extensions in "uncompressed" string:

			"inputLimits": [
				"type": "pptx;ppsx;potx;pptm;ppsm;potm",
				"zip": {
					"uncompressed": "50MB",
					"template": "*.xml"

Here value is defined in megabytes.

Then restart Document Server services with:

  • supervisorctl restart all for Docker installation;

In case you are running Document Server in Docker container please locate and change the config inside the container.

  • systemctl restart ds-* for DEB/RPM packages installation from version 7.3.

In addition, you can increase the general file size that Document Server can handle:

	"FileConverter": {
		"converter": {
			"maxDownloadBytes": 104857600,

This value is defined in bytes.

After that re-upload your presentation to the storage (I’d recommend also changing a name of the file slightly) and try to open it again.

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@Constantine Thanks very much!It works!

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I am glad to hear that it helped.

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