The Chinese name of the attachment is garbled in the ppt file

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Document Server version: 7.4 EE
Browser version: Chrome , Edge

Please help to slove this problem.

The Chinese name of the attachment is garbled in the ppt file, refer to below screenshots.

I created new PPT file by MS office , inserted the attachment file (pdf, xlsx) with Chinese name , saved it, and then uploaded to onlyoffice self-server.

Here are the request error I got.

  1. *****.com/sdkjs-plugins/settings/translations/langs.json
  2. *****.com/sdkjs-plugins/settings/translations/zh-CN.json

Here is the ppt file.
Presentation1.pptx (40.7 KB)

Hello @Jaxine

Thank you for screenshots and test file. I have to inform you that currently support of files as objects is not implemented. We have noted your report for future development of this feature.

Hi @Constantine

May I know when this feature will be done?

Unfortunately, we do not have any ETA at the moment.

Hi @Constantine

But the file with Chinese name was inserted to Xlsx or Doc file, , it could be displayed Chinese name.

So I don’t think it is problem of INSERT OBJECT feature.


Test.docx (39.1 KB)

test.xlsx (18.8 KB)

Thank you for additional information. We are checking these files.
I will let you know once we get any results or if we need more information from you.

I am very sorry for the late response. It seems that the issue can be related to the name of original PDF that you’ve attached to the presentation. Is it possible to share it with us for analysis? I am talking about the PDF from this screenshot:

Hello @Constantine

You can save the pdf from the Presentation1.pptx I attached in the question starter.

OR you can download it from following URL in 3 days.

At this moment, opening initially provided presentation (Presentation1.pptx) in various editors results in practically the same behavior but not the one as shown here:

In other words, we didn’t manage to achieve the result as above. It is possible that the attached presentation was corrupted before uploading to Document Server. Can you download it from your post and check in your MS PowerPoint again? If it opens normally as on screenshot, please let me know the version of used MS Office suite. Also, can you run a test and re-create the presentation once again?

Additionally, please specify how attached presentation was created. Do I understand that it was initially created as PPT (not PPTX) and then converted to PPTX?