Save as over rules extension

Fedora 39

Save As overrules the file name’s extension. xxxxx.odt becomes xxxxx.odt.docx unless you specifically state in the pull down that it is an odt. Save As should not allow this change or at least promt for permission to do so.

Now to go unscrew my odt.


Please provide a video showing reproduction of the issue.
Also, please attach the original file, so we could test it.

This is the video of my extension being over ruled:

odt.over-ride.mkv (3.8 MB)

This is the documents with the over ruled extension
12345.odt.docx (24.4 KB)

This is an odt document in Libre Office: (9.2 KB)

This is the video of Libre Office honouring my extension, no natter what I picked:
LO.odt.SaveAs.mkv (2.5 MB)

LO is using the “expected” behaviour that every other word processor I have ever used implements. And that is to honour the extension.

This is expected Editor’s behavior. You can choose Save as type instead of adding extension to the file’s title. This way your file will be saved in the desired extension.

Since it is not the behaviour in any other word processor I have used, it will take a while for me to adjust and I will probably goof up a bunch of documents before the habit gets changed. This is the reason behind the request.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. Please use the method suggested above instead.