Presentation - despite thickness set to 0, a text zone with the border shows a border

See below :

File with the issue :
OO- border thickness.pptx (27.7 KB)

Thanks for the analysis.

This one is interesting, so interesting, I had to have a look.
It does seem to be a bug in OO shape rendering code, where it is failing to process this section correctly.

<a:ln w="0">
		<a:srgbClr val="00B050"/>

The line width, w=“0”, set in the <a:ln/> tag, is obviously specifying a zero (or none) width line with a green (#00B050) colour.

The presence of a colour seems to be enforcing a minimum width of 1px with the shape renderer.

The line can be made to disappear, but one has to change the line width to a non-zero width, set it to a null colour and then it can be reset back to a zero width and it will no longer display, nor displace any space.

OO’s shape configuration will not accept a colour change unless there is a non-zero width specified. That too may be a bug in the UI controls.

Hi @DavidRGreen
How do you access to the document properties ? You just “unzip” de file and the open it with a text editor ?

Hi @arcqus

When all the office document extensions changed from .doc to .docx, for instance, they changed to an xml encoding rather than their prior proprietary format.

Each “document” is in fact just a plain old compressed .zip file containing many files and folders. I just found the “document” in the zip container, and then un-minimalised it ( computers don’t need formatting for readability, but I do :grinning: ).

I just looked through the code looking for what was most likely the code segment that was relevant. “a:ln” sounds like a line, and there was an child with the right colour code.


Hello, @arcqus a couple of things in the file you provided are not entirely clear.

  1. Was the document created in ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors?
  2. How was the border added (the sequence of actions to reproduce the issue)?
  3. In the GIF, it’s evident that after changing the line size from ‘no line’ to ‘0.5 pt’ and back to ‘no line,’ the line disappears.

@DavidRGreen :wave:

Dealing with this case required some effort on your part! We are extremely grateful for your assistance for the benefit of the forum. We are delighted that our product is garnering interest within the community! :heart_hands:

The attached document was created in OO. BUT the slide was copied from a doc having the issue, doc created in MSO (without the issue), then copied/saved as a lot of times in OO (I create one file per day by copying the ones from the previous week). The issue is new to the last OO version.

The border was created in the original file (so back in MSO).
Then one day, OO decided that is should have this weird border.

Yes, it was to show you that it was no blocker, just a little pain being solved by changing border parameters.

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May I request that you provide the original file (1 slide) created in Microsoft Office?

hi Nikolas

Below, a file dating back from when I was using MSO.
20221209.pptx (6.2 MB)

I send you the whole file assuming that saving just on slide might spoil the thing.
Go to slide 9 to get the kind of text zone which, now, has the thickness issue.

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Just in case.

  1. Is your editor version 7.5.0?
  2. The version of the PP editor (as far as I understand, it’s 2016).
  3. We can’t reproduce the problem with the provided file when copying a slide to our editor or opening the file in our editor… it’s mysterious. :thinking:

Could we ask you to record a video with step-by-step actions for reproduction?

Yes, I migrated to OO 7.5.
For PP, i think it was 2013.
I’m running a bit out of time.
So given the very small impact of this issue (at least from my standpoint), I suggest we forget it.

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