OO - Bug - a file is no longer usable after some sleep/wake-up


I use OO on a laptop.
During the day, it is plugged on a video projector (duplicate display of the screen).
During the evenings, I plug it on an HDMI screen (external screen only).
In the meantime, I hibernate my computer.
I keep the files opened as long as I need them.

Quite often, when a file has been opened for a while (and gone through several hibernation & change of display resolution of the computer), after a while it is impossible to display it anymore.
At first, when I try to display it by clicking the thumb view in the Windows task bar, nothing happens.
Then, if I display the files thumbviews, the one for the file is blank:

The only solution I have is to click the window, then do ALT+F4.
There I get the “do you want to save the file” pop-up, I can save the file.
The file is ok and can be opened again.
Note that not all the OO windows are affected at once.
As you can see on the screenshot, other file are perfectly usable.

In my opinion, there is a glitch in the display functions of OO which sometimes does not handle correctly the hibernation of windows (it is when I wake up the computer that the problem occurs).

I hope the description is clear.


Hello @arcqus

I have few more questions that would help us in troubleshooting the issue:
Does it happen to any file formats or PPTX like on the screenshot in particular?
Did you face this issue when there was only one file opened at a time?
Did this issue occur when laptop was connected to a wall?

  1. as far as I remember, it also happens with the word processor (but I use it far less, so it occurred less times)
  2. not that I remember
  3. what do you mean by "connected to a wall ?
    If you mean the power supply was connected, the answer is yes (I seldom use my laptop without plugging it to an electrical socket).
    If you mean “connected to a screen”: it happens when my computer is connected to an external screen (laptop closed) or a video projector (duplicated screen) or not connected.

I hope it helps

Funny : after having written my previous answer, I just needed to use a docx file which was opened.
I clicked the thumbview, nothing happened.
So I had an idea : I opened my laptop without disconnecting it from the external screen.
Guess what : the docx file was there…

What is not normal is that when I close my laptop, all the active apps are “moved” to the external screen. All but some OO windows.
So I think here is the bug.
Note that this time, the thumbnail of the window of the docx file did not turned “blank”.

This morning, I have a docx file which is no longer usable:

Thank for the info @arcqus

So all in all, it looks like the issue appears when the laptop is used with an external monitor and its own monitor is closed, so after a hibernation, when you open the laptop monitor, you the blank/non-functional window, is that correct?

Not only indeed.

Thinking to the issue, I came to a process to reproduce it systematically:

  1. use a laptop, connected to an external screen, with windows display settings set to “extend display” (sorry for the perhaps approximate translation - I mean when both screens display different things)
  2. put one OO instance on the laptop’s screen
  3. close the laptop screen
    On my computer, all the apps “move” to the external screen.
    All but the OO instance which cannot be displayed on the external screen, except for a “do you want to save the document” pop-up when you clic the “close” button on the thumnail in the task bar.
    If you open again the laptop screen, you find back your OO instance, working perfectly.

Isn’t it related to the issue making the WIN+<- or WIN+ → keyboard shortcuts not working ?

I hope at least one part of the bug is reproducible for you :slight_smile:

Hello @arcqus

Thank you for the scenario, we will check it.

I’m not quite sure about that. We will find out if it is.

Hello again @arcqus

Unfortunately, we were unable to reproduce the issue so far. However, we are keep on trying.
Can you please provide a model of your laptop and exact version of Windows on it?

Laptop : Dell inspiron 14 5425
|Processeur|AMD Ryzen 7 5825U with Radeon Graphics 2.00 GHz|
|Mémoire RAM installée|16,0 Go (15,4 Go utilisable)|
|Type du système|Système d’exploitation 64 bits, processeur x64|
|Stylet et fonction tactile|La fonctionnalité d’entrée tactile ou avec un stylet n’est pas disponible sur cet écran|

Windows :

Édition Windows 11 Famille
Version 22H2
Installé le ‎31/‎01/‎2023
Build du système d’exploitation 22621.1702
Expérience Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.22641.1000.0

Thank you. If we get anything, I will let you know.

Unfortunately, we are still unable to reproduce the issue.
Can you please check if the video drivers are up to date and update them if there is higher version is available? After that try to reproduce the issue again.

Drivers updated, i’ll keep you posted.

Thank you. Looking forward to it.

Hello again @arcqus

Do you have any updates on this case?

Hi Constantine,
Back from holidays slight_smile:
I no longer have this issue, I guess we can close is.

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Hi Constantine,
For some times now, the bug is back, and not really hibernation-related.
For instance, this afternoon, 2 times, the same file had the issue:

I don’t know if there is something wrong with the file :frowning:
Good news is that I still can save the file before reopening it (the save dialogue-box is well displayed).

The file:
20231013.pptx (2.2 MB)

To see it properly, you need the “Ecriture A” font

Hello again @arcqus

Is there any particular scenario to reproduce this issue? I just think that if it is not related to hibernation, then I’d be better to create separate topic on this since it does not belong to previously discussed here issue.