Nested bullet point list formatting when copy/pasting into other apps or saving as HTML

This doesn’t look right to me when I copy a nested bullet point list from OnlyOffice web and paste it into Gmail or save the OnlyOffice doc as an HTML file:

It appears that pasting / downloading as HTML generates a flat bullet point list that contains indents within the content of the list items rather than maintaining actual bullet point list nesting.

Also, when I try “paste without formatting” (ctrl+shift+v) into gmail, I get another strange format that doesn’t actually remove the formatting nor maintain nestling levels with spaces or tabs:

Screenshot 2024-02-27 11.11.54

Only downloading the document as a .txt file generates lists with nesting preserved.

Also, copying a bullet point list from gmail and pasting into OnlyOffice causes nested bullet point lists to be flattened.

By the way, our reason for needing nested lists is for our complex meeting agendas. We want to send those agendas in emails before meetings.

Is there anything we can do to improve copy/paste compatibility between OnlyOffice docs and other applications?

(Deb installation, control panel version, on Chrome OS, browser version 121.0.6167.188)

Thank you!

Hi @alexsapps
Thank you for providing a detailed description.

We are checking the situation!
I will let you know when I get something.

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@alexsapps :handshake:
We have reproduced and registered the issue!
Thank you for the detailed description.

The text formatting is not preserved when copying from the ONLYOFFICE editor to email clients

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