Files from phone can only be opened inside OO app and not from outside OO app when we choose an option "Open with"

@dimm we are glad that the situations with xlsx\txt files are resolved.

Minor bugs present yet are already displayed usability problem with .pptx files (blocked ‘back’ button) and wrong screen size estimation with .csv files (tap on any cell selects the cell located much lower than the actual place of tap, this misbehavior disappears after resizing the sheet.).

Have you reported these scenarios? If not, please provide us with recorded video file and we will check them out.

@Alexandre, I have reported the first scenario earlier in this thread, the video is dated 2023-12-03. The second scenario I will post here little bit later, if I will be able to reproduce it.

The operator of these devices is me.

Thank you, we are checking the described situation with ‘back’ button.

Here is the video of the problem with .csv file. It is reproduced on Redmi 5 and is not reproduced on Redmi 12C. Note the blurred contents which is changed to normal sharp render after the sheet resizing.

Conditions to reproduce:
After first (buggy) attempt, the application is learned, so next attemps may render the file without the bug. To get the bug appear again, the application should be restarted, as a general rule.

Hello @dimm

I’d ask you to create a separate thread for this issue to avoid mixing up different issues in one thread.


I have created the corresponding separate topics for the OnlyOffice team. Here are the links leading to them:

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Unfortunately, OO mobile app is not supported anymore on my phone, because my phone has Android version 7.0 and that is the last update for my phone and OO mobile app requires Android version 8.0. So, I can’t check does this issue still happen.


Hello @nicesto
Understood. If you are able to check out described situation on another device, we will be glad for your report.