.csv files: wrong estimation of the canvas size on android 8

Action: Report a bug
Device: Xiaomi Redmi 5
OS version: MIUI android 8.1.0 OPM1
App version: 7.5.1 build 501
Mode: internet disabled for the app

Here is the video of the problem with .csv file. It is reproduced on Redmi 5 and is not reproduced on Redmi 12C. The blurred contents which is changed to normal sharp render after the sheet resizing is noticable in this video.

Conditions to reproduce:
After first (buggy) attempt, the application is learned, so next attemps may render the file without the bug. To get the bug appear again, the application should be restarted, as a general rule.

This bugreport I first reported in this thread (this moment it’s the message 25, quoted):

Hello @dimm
Thank you for the video file, we are looking into it.
Please attach the test file as well, I think it will be useful.

Here is the test file, not the same as the file featured in the video but I forged it in the same way and have verified it to reproduce the bug:

I was able to reproduce this bug on Redmi 12C, too. But that was ad hoc story, I was doing routines to create the csv file in slightly different ways, saving, creating anew… and at 2nd or 3rd attempt I got this bug displayed. But I was not able to reproduce this behavior right after. So, on Redmi 12C this bug appears irregularly for this build of the OnlyOffice app.

Thank you for the file, we are looking into it.

Hello @dimm
Could you please double-check the situation on v.8.0? We just have released it.

version 8.0.0 build 520

This issue with .csv files misrendering is not reproduced anymore.

We are glad that the situation has been resolved.