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Files from phone can only be opened inside OO app and not from outside OO app when we choose an option "Open with"


I have noticed when I try to open documents and presentations from my phone, so I go to Files → Documents and when I choose any document or presentation and choose an option “Open with” to open presentation or document, I get an error saying “Unsupported format”. But when I open documents or presentation inside OO app, so I go to “On Device” tab then click plus icon, then import file and when I choose a presentation or document it opens the file without a problem.
I only don’t know does this happen with Spreadsheet or not, because I don’t have any Spreadsheets on my phone.


Device: Huawei P9 Lite
OS version: 7.0 Nougat
App version: 5.7.1
Mode: On Device

Hello @nicesto
We are checking described scenario. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

I confirm this bugreport, I got the same result on Redmi 5 earlier (apart from the fact that the file was ‘.txt’.). I tested this on Redmi 12C, here are the results:

.txt file opened from ‘open with other app’ list (the same art.txt): got empty gray screen without white canvas but with ‘edit’ icon.

‘ONLYOFFICE Sample Spreadsheets.xlsx’ opened from ‘open with other app’ list: app immediately closed after showing ‘Preparing to open’ message window. Another attempt displayed ‘Wanna repair?’ dialogue window, the results of the repair was even quicker exit of the app.

‘ONLYOFFICE Sample Presentation.pptx’ opened from ‘open with other app’ list: same as the previous.

‘ONLYOFFICE Sample Document.docx’ opened from ‘open with other app’ list: the ‘Preparing to open’ message window never disappeared, the OnlyOffice app hunged.

The very same results I’m getting now when opening that files from inside of the app. It looks as the problem with the app handling the cache / the storage. But on Redmi 5 the files were successfully opened from inside of the OnlyOffice app.

Pdf files outside of OO app when using option “open with” open without a problem. Only problem is when opening other files outside OO app using “open with” give an error “unsupported format”.
I have named the video “unsupported format”. In the video pdf files when choosing “open with” open with no problem, but when I try to open presentation or document with “open with” I get an error “unsupported format”.

unsupported format

Thank you for provided data, we are checking the situation.

@dimm @nicesto
Please let us know if you use default android Explorer to browse files. If not, point us to the app which you are using.

I’m using Huawei File Manager to browse files. Since my phone is Huawei.

Thank you for your quick response, we are looking into it.

It seems that the situation is related to File Manager. We are checking the scenario. I will update this thread when we have something to share.

I have checked will this issue happen with WPS office mobile app, so with the option “Open with” in File Manager and it does not happen with WPS Office app.

Understood, thank you for your update. We need some time to check it out.

I am using standard google application named ‘Files’, the package name is, the current version is t_frc_doc_330543000.

Thank you, we are checking the situation.