ChatGPT plugin Error/Bug

I installed the ChatGPT plugin through the plugin manager and it didn’t work correctly (even after restarting office). The ChatGPT menu button did not open the plugin window on the left.

When right clicking (context menu) and selecting “settings” I added the generated OpenAI API key and it didn’t work too.

I also tried “custom request” and “chat” in the context menu and got the “quota exceeded” error.

So I decide to remove the plugin and reinstall it.

However, when removing the plugin, the “Warning” dialog box that says “Do you want to completely remove this plugin?” didn’t work either! When clicking the “Yes” button nothing happens. When clicking the “No” button, the new removal dialog (with timer) freezes and never closes.

As a result, I can’t use the plugin and I can’t remove it an reinstall it either.

Can anyone help me to uninstall this plugin?

Hello @Ventura

I see that you have initially replied to this thread:

Please stick to the discussion there and do not post duplicate threads. I am closing this thread as a duplicate.