The chatGPT plugin function does not work properly

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Hello @QikX

I don’t quite follow what is the problem with the plugin, please elaborate on this. If possible also provide a video demonstration of the issue that you are facing.

For me ChatGPT also doesn’t work as it should.

System: Garuda Linux (latest KDE version)
OnlyOffice version: (deb)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. installed the ChatGPT plugin through plugin Manager
  2. Afterwards I was not able to find the ChatGPT Button in the menu (even after restarting office)
  3. By right-clicking (contextmenu) I was opening the settings and added my newly generated OpenAI API key
  4. Trying out features like Custom request, Chat - it returns the error “Quota exceeded”
  5. Checking OpenAI Webpage - says API key has never been used. Quota can’t be exceeded for my account - never used it before (new created OpenAI account with fresh API key)

Hello @brandy

Please refer to the documentation from our Help Center about ChatGPT plugin to see all guidelines on how to use it:

In general, does this issue occur when using Custom Request/Chat features only or all of them? Is it possible to record video demonstration of the issue for better visual understanding of it?

Also, have you tried checking quota on OpenAI side by performing any requests directly there?