Add the ability to adjust PDF quality

I want to: Suggest a feature
OS version: macOS 12.7.1
App version: 7.5.1 (542) Apple Silicon
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

I’ve noticed that saving files in PDF format greatly degrades the quality of embedded pictures.

I know the idea is to create small files, but the compression chosen for JPEG is too strong.

Here’s a zoom at 400% of my original picture (file size 3.2Mb):

Here’s the same part at 400% after PDF or PDF/A export (file size 1.2Mb):

If I export my docx to pdf using the print menu of my Mac I get a 24.2 Mb PDF file with full quality pictures. I can easily reduce it to 7.8 Mb with pretty good pictures quality with PDF Expert. Here’s the result:

I would like you add an option (maybe in Files - advanced parameters) to set the PDF export image quality with at least 2 options: “small file size” (or “web”) (using the actual JPEG compression) or "good picture quality " (or “print”) with a JPEG compression ratio around 90%.


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