Save compressed PDF?

Hello, how can I export a docx document to pdf in compression mode, that is, the PDF document is compressed because when exporting it, (save as) it does not do so and it is very large

I share capture, of the comparisons


nt. I am in love with software but it is only this that stops me from using it 100% in my daily use

OS Win 10 | ONF | 7.0
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website

Hello @divinoerror

I tried to reproduce your scenario, but I faced different result. Please check my screenshots. I compared pdf size of output file between Desktop Editots and MS 2013. I noticed that MS has 2 different size option for saving to pdf. But in the end the best result was shown by Desktop Editors.
Do you mean ‘minimum’ size by ‘Compressed PDF’? If so, it looks like the result depends on a file. If I misunderstood your request, please provide us with details.


Your answer is fine, only that option does not appear in my version of only-office,
Minimun Size
am I doing something wrong?

No, the mentioned option is related to MS, not Desktop Editors. Anyway, in my test the best size was provided by Desktop Editors. My question is do you want the same ‘2-option’ save process for Document Editors in case of saving PDF?

when i save as pdf it doesn’t mention any reduce option or minimum size mode in onlyoffice desktop version.
That’s why I ask how can it be done? if there is an extension or something similar
and it is not only with a test of a file when converting them to PDF it happens with everyone.

We need some time to figure it out. I will update this post when we get any news.
Update: we added your request to internal tracklist (internal number - 40105). We have started working on this feature.

thank you very much, since we are in it of reports:
The spell checker does not work in Spanish.
that is, it does not underline the errors, I have also searched everywhere for this solution, but nowhere have I found a solution, hopefully and in the next update they will do it, with this for my daily use Onlyoffice

Hello @divinoerror
We added your request to internal tracklist (55871). We have started working on it.