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What is the difference between "Encrypt" and "Protect Document" In OnlyOffice?

The 'Protection" tab includes both “Encrypt” and “Protect Document”.

In what way(s) are these different?

Also, is there some indicator displayed (i.e., when the document is open and/or when its title appears in a file listing) that lets you know that it’s ‘protected’ or ‘encrypted’?


Mac OS Mojave (10.14.3)
Brave Beta

Hello @mk7z
Encrypt - you can’t open a file without password.
Protect - you can open a file, but you have to follow file’s restrictions (for example, file owner set up ‘Comments only’ for the file).
For ‘Encrypt’, a user will face ‘enter a password’ pop-up message.
For ‘Protect’, there will be yellow pop-up message with restriction description like this one:

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