Want the content control to add a user setting that allows editing

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When Collaborative editing, you need to refine editing permissions

Hello @huzedong2022

I want to clarify something: if I understand correctly, you suggest to add possibility to set a permission to edit Content Control to specific users, is that correct?

This feature is already exists in Forms. More about it here:
Have you tried using Forms for this purpose?

Yes, only a portion of the editing area is allowed in the document, but permission control should be added to different areas.

I have learned about user management for Forms, but I am not sure if I am creating a new user and if the username is the ID of the logged in user

But forms can only be used under docxf, and I hope to use them under docx

Is ApiBlockLvlSdt more suitable? I think it’s just that I don’t have permission

Have you encountered such possibility to set editing permissions per user for Content Controls in any other editors? Might be useful if you share a link for the reference.

There is no such example, but this function is very useful for Collaborative editing. Can control different users to edit different regions
I drew a simple example diagram

We will take a closer look at your suggestion and I’ll inform you when any new information comes up.

In the meantime, please elaborate on your example. Is it your vision on the interpretation of the plugin that can set editing permissions? Sorry if I misunderstand.

I hope that permission restrictions can be imposed on a certain part, such as read-only, edit, hidden (fuzzy)

The current example is completed, which is also what I want. I just don’t know how to complete the change

Very close to this mode

At the same time, it is also necessary to be able to set permissions for each content control (edit, view, hide)

We had a conversation with devs and, unfortunately, they informed me that there are no plans to add permissions for Content Controls. Eventually, all asked features are already implemented in OFORM. At this point, I recommend using those because we don’t have alternative ways for Content Controls.