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Unable to open all cloud files


On the mobile app “ONLYOFFICE Documents” version 5.5.0, I can’t open the cloud documents located in my ONLYOFFICE Personnal account while I can access the entire cloud file list. When i try to open on of the cloud document, the file loading page rotates indefinitely.
I already try ton uninstall and reinstall

In advance, thank you for your help

Hello @Julio
We just have checked android app and Personal, all things run smoothly.
Could you please reproduce the situation and record a videofile? Also let us know exact OS and name of your device.
Also please try to re-run the test with different network (for example, different wi-fi network).


The bug occur every time with any file of the cloud only. I try with several network (wifi and mobile data) and the bug always occur.
Attached is the video.
OS is Android 7.0
Device used is a Samsung mobile : SM-A510F


Hello @Julio
Please place a videofile to any external storage and provide us with download link.

Oups, I forgot the video :wink:

Here is the download link


Thank you for the videofile!
Could you please run a test? Please log out and remove your Personal account from the mobile app > after that re-connect to Personal one more time. Will the situation change?