Unable to edit / write / open documents on samsung tablet

Device: tablet “samsung S8”
OS version: One UI 6.0 / Android 14
App version: 7.5.1
Mode: Connect to Nextcloud

When I want to edit documents, there are two types of bug on the application.

  • First one (generally with physical keyboard) : letters are typed twice. If I type “T” for exemple, documents shows “TT” / “I” it shows “II”, …
  • Second one (both physical and virtual keyboard) : the opened documents closes itself so I can’t do anything : can’t edit, write, or even just seeing it sometimes.

Here is the link to a screen recording : record_link

Sincerely yours.

Hello, @Bap :handshake:

It seems that the first issue you’re mentioning is related to a bug discussed in this topic: Double letters with Bluethooth keyboard.

  1. Requested permission for the file in Google Drive.


Thanks. I read it and I’ll do it again, I thought that could be a nice idea to mentioned it again.

I agreed the request aforementioned and now you should be able to open the recording.
Thank you for the fast answer you gave me.

Sincerely yours.

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Got your message. :handshake:
Thanks for helping make OnlyOffice better.
I’ll update you once our team figures out how to fix this.