To-big-to-fit tables sould be more easy to modify

When I copy the table from this doc:
big tables baddly copied.odt (22.5 KB)

to a new doc in OO, the table is out of canevas and having it fit again the page dimension is not quick and easy (need to open advanced table options.
According to me, it should be possible with the mouse.


  1. The issue comes from the fact that the source doc is an A3 doc, while the target doc is an A4 AND than the copied table has a fixed width (39cm).
  2. LO is a bit cleverer than OO in that case because when copying, the fixed size parameter is removed and the table size is adjusted to the page size.
  3. LO also has the “web” viewmode that allows to change things quickly with the mouse.
  4. I also faced the issue with documents edited only in OO, which set the size property to table level instead of columns level.


Please provide the following additional info:
What is the version of the Editor you are using? Are we talking about ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editor?
A video of issue reproduction.

We are currently analysing the above-mentioned issue, I’ll inform you as soon as I have news.


If you copy a table within the same Editor from one window into another, the table won’t fit as well (the behavior is similar for Microsoft Office Word, LO, i.e. if you copy a table from one window with Microsoft Office Word opened to another window with the same app, the table will be displayed out of canvas as well). Probably, you were copying between several different Editors.

As for the proposal for adding “web” viewmode, I found out that such suggestion was already registered earlier, I added your query to it.

Please provide more details concerning “setting the size property to table level instead of columns level”. Please provide a video showing reproduction of the issue


Yes, I copied from OO to LO.
But why pasting is clever when data comes from another editor and is silly when data comes from the same ?
Isn’t it an improvement to consider ?

Ok thanks.

I’ll open a separated thread when I’ll face again the issue.

As for the table copy-pasting issue, we don’t consider it to be a bug, there are no plans to work on the improvement yet, unfortunately, but thank you for the suggestion!