This this the worst

The amount of times I’ve run into this today is the worst. At least say what the issue was.

Mail Server - Workspace - ONLYOFFICE

We are investigating. We’ll discuss this situation
Thank you. I’ll notify you as soon as there is a result.

So, we had a conversation regarding this situation.
I agree, it’s not pleasant to see “Solved via PM” at the end of a thread.

Here’s the outcome:

We will make an effort to specify in such posts the exact method used to resolve the issue and the root cause.

Regarding the solution in the thread you referenced:

The mail server added CS to ban list.

It was decided to communicate via PM because the logs contained the portal address.

[Alexandre’s decision]

(original IP has been changed)

In logs, I’ve found that address is banned in fail2ban.log file. As far as I understand this address is related to your portal (
Please go to the host and check the list of blocked addresses with docker exec -it onlyoffice-mail-server
iptables -L -n
If you see ip address, try to remove this address from the list.
Example of command to remove address from ban list:
iptables -D f2b-dovecot -s -j REJECT