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Right now my company is paying $6/mo to Google for each employee’s email address. I installed OnlyOffice Workspace on an AWS EC2 instance which works great for the Document Server but I cannot for the life of me get the Mail Server to work as intended, not as a mail aggregator but as a full fledged Self Hosted Mail Server that can replace Google Mail and the $6/mo being paid for those employee email addresses. Is it possible to setup the mail server with our company’s registered domain so that I can create and issue emails as I currently pay Google to do so? Or does the mail server only function as a portal to aggregate and access third party email providers like Outlook or Apple Mail would?

Hello @michaelpinna3
Yes, you can use Mail module with Mail server as it is described here: Setting up mail server - ONLYOFFICE

Please clarify what difficulties you faced and provide us with details.

I got through everything in that resource you referenced just fine. The DNS records all showed green check marks and I set up email accounts using our company’s domain. However, when it came to actually using the accounts I could not send or receive emails without receiving a ‘connection refused’ email pictured below. Some context… This is getting installed on an AWS EC2 instance. During my troubleshooting, I installed iRedMail on another EC2 instance and discovered that AWS blocks outgoing SMTP requests on port 25 by default. I have since requested that AWS open that port up and I expect iRedMail to work following that request approval. However, with iRedMail I was at least able to send emails to the other email addresses on the same server and receive emails, whereas in my Only Office setup I could not receive or send emails, even to myself or those located on the same server. So I’m not sure that the connection refused error is entirely related to AWS closing port 25 (out) in this case, whereas I’m pretty confident that will solve the problem with my separate iRedMail installation because I’m also not able to receive emails (or send emails to myself) in this case which should not be affected by aws’s port 25 restriction.

^^^ Just confirmed… same error with Port 25 restriction lifted. iRedMail is working fine on my other ec2 instance but I’m still getting the same error message here…

DNS Status:

Hello @michaelpinna3
You are right. The entire situation is related to Amazon’s rules.
Please check it out: Remove port 25 restriction from your EC2 instance

Already did that to no avail. Same error is persisting. I’m still unable to set up mailboxes with my own domain despite removing the port 25 restriction. I’m also unable to access iRedMail emails created on a separate server in an attempt to circumvent the prior issue.

Could you please reproduce the issue and provide us with whole Community server logs folder? It’s located here:/app/onlyoffice/CommunityServer/logs/
We will try to check it out