The problem of editing headers and footers

When I try to edit headers and footers in this way, I am constantly thrown to the very top of the page and it is very annoying. Is there any way to fix this?
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Version 7.4 Win10x64

Hello @Prikolist2022

Min you sharing the file too so we can check out the situation more quickly? I believe this table was created using just lines and the text area was added as a text field, is that correct?

Копия (1) ШАБЛОН с рамками листов.docx (33.9 KB)
I don’t know how it was created. I just copied these frames to my document

Thanks for the file.
So I was right about the lines. Anyway, I was able to reproduce the issue.
We will analyze it and I’ll let you know the results.

Ok, I’ll wait for your reply) Hope, you will fix this.

We have analyzed the issue and registered a bug based on this.
Unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA for the fix yet. Once fix is released, we will notify you.