Is there a way to update the document template settings? I wanted to change the default font for the Normal style but cannot see how / where to save the template so that the next time I start a document it shows my preferred font.

I’m using the Linux version (Ubuntu).

Hello @maynart

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in ONLYOFFICE. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our Development Team.

Thank you for the quick response. It’s not a deal breaker but other products already do this so I couldn’t believe only office didn’t. I even tried going “under the hood” to see which file was being used to generate a blank one but unfortunately my technical skills are not quite there!

My work around is to create a blank document, click all the buttons I do and do not want, including fonts a font sizes. Then save it as template.

When I create a new file, instead of “New” I use “open” and go grab the blank template I just created. Then “Save As” under a new name

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If you don’t mind, I will join this thread too.
There’s a way to change templates for ‘Create new file’ scenario, we discussed it here: Permanently change default font - #2 by Alexandre

My notes on how to:

Only Office: Default templates

Default templates are stored in

The English-United States would be:

To alter your default Documents template for English-United States:
→ open a blank document. Alter/add/remove what you
want. “Save As” a “Document template (*.dotx)”.

 --> as root, in 
     rename "new.docx" to "new.docx.orig"

    --> as root, copy the template you just created to
        and rename it "new.docx".

      --> since each new update will over write you, create
          a copy of your template to restore it after an update:
              cp new.docx RN.new.docx