Store documents on different location on local storage

Hello! Is there any capabability to change the local storage path of onlyoffice workspace? I’d like to store documents on external drive.
Community Server/Control Panel version:
Type of installation of Workspace (docker)
OS: Ubuntu 18.04

hi @rahmo

Do you need to specify a network folder as the data storage for Community Server?
(we are working on it already, internal number – 48532)

Please provide more details about your scenario if I misunderstood you.
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No. Actually, I want to specify my external hard disk drive which is installed in same server as workspace is installed in as a local storage for my onlyoffice server.

Listen, I had the same question.

Basically, there is one way, but I can’t guarantee its reliability. It worked for me.

If you need to move an already installed product to another directory:

  1. Stop and remove the containers.
  2. Move the data from the default directory to the desired one.
    Move the data from /app to the new location:

cp -rp /app/onlyoffice/ /MyCustomDir/

  1. Get the script:


  1. Change the directory in the script (line 19):
    BASE_DIR="/app/$PRODUCT"; to BASE_DIR="/MyCustomDir/$PRODUCT";

  2. Run it. I ran it with additional parameters

bash -it WORKSPACE -ms false -ims false -skiphc true

-ms — make swap file
-ims — install or update mail server
-skiphc — skip hardware check

Next, check the functionality of the portal.
If the portal takes a long time to load (>5-7 minutes):

  1. Check if all containers are running.
  2. Run the script from the CommunityServer container: bash /app/ (it takes some time)
  3. If the loading problem persists or Error 502, you can restart mono in the CommunityServer container: service monoserve restart

I do not recommend doing this directly on your main machine. Try testing this scenario on a snapshot or backup.

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