Spreadsheet not saved when using OneDriver

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OS version: Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS
App version: (snap) Onlyoffice
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website / Other (specify)

I just started working on Ubuntu 22 LTS and after a short trial with LibreOffice, I found OnlyOffice being more appealing, especially, after using MS Office before.

To access my OneDrive files in the cloud, I am using OneDriver (note the R at the end :slight_smile: , onedriver v0.14.1 15a1c642) . I think its just mapping them as a network drive.

After editing Excel files stored on OneDrive(r) for a couple of hours and frequently pressing the save button, I was shocked that nothing got saved.

Googling for “not saved OnlyOffice” gave a lot of matches…

Are you able to fix this?

Hi @matt :wave:
I managed to reproduce the issue.

It’s worth noting that testing of OnlyOffice Desktop Editors with the “OneDriver” application has not been conducted.
I will inform you as soon as additional information about the issue is available.

Hey @matt :wave:

Our team has confirmed that this is a bug and has registered it. :handshake:
At the moment, there is no timeframe for fixing this bug.