Spreadsheet - Minor bug - in french, wrong tooltip translation in the color palette

Green is tipped as “orange” instead of “vert” in french:
The file was created with MSO.
bug in the colour palette.xlsx (16.6 KB)

After a little more analysis, the issue seams to be related to the colour template chosen for the file, because with a file created with OO, no issue:
(check the difference in the colour organisation in the colour palette)

Hello @arcqus
Unfortunately, I’m not able to reproduce the situation with provide file. I have tested it on Windows 11 with Desktop Editors v.7.4.1. It seems that translation is correct.

Should I run some specific steps to achieve the same result as on your screenshot?

First I’ll install the 7.4.1, as I see I’m not fully up to date with my 7.4.0.x.

No longer there with 7.4.1.
Either a glitch in the matrix, or an issue with my file, or an issue with OO previous version.
I guess you can close the case.

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