Saving an existing document directly on mounted OneDrive Folder

I have mounted personal onedrive folder using native gnome online account and also 3rd party onedriver sync client

I can open the files directly from native file explorer .docx, pptx, or .xlsx files using OnlyOffice it loads fairly well. i make the changes/update an existing document on onedrive folder and save it. the changes does not get saved.

While update/changes to existing document do not have any issues if updated using libreoffice or freeoffice.

while onlyoffice has the highest possible compatibility with ms office. (looking at being able to SmartArt) but unable to save the changes directly onto onedrive is a let down.

System: Fedora 40 with Gnome

Hello @vkumar

I think similar issue was discussed earlier here:

However, can you please specify which product do you use? Is it Desktop Editors?

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