Retain formatting after pivot table refresh

When I refresh a pivot table all the formatting that I had is lost. Things like no decimal places, center align, etc. are lost.

Is there a way to retain format settings? I have not found any such settings, so the answer to my question is probably NO, but I just want to ensure I am not missing something.

Many views but not a single reply, so I guess the answer is “we are not aware of any settings”, so I’ll take that as a NO.

Hello @Klaas-Vaak

I’m checking the information, once I get any news - I will let you know.

Thank you. It is a real bummer, very annoying

I’ve found out that this is known issue. We are working on it but, unfortunately, I cannot provide any times frames when it’ll be fixed.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you.

Hello again @Klaas-Vaak

I’d like to inform you that mentioned issue was fixed in new version 8.0 of Desktop Editors.
Please update your editors, check the issue again and provide a feedback.

Hello @Constantine, I upgraded to version 8.0, unfortunately the formatting is still not retained.

I formatted a pivot table, saved the file, then refreshed it, but the formatting was lost.

I cannot give you a copy of the file because it contains personal info.

Thank you for the feedback. May I ask you to create a test file, reproduce the issue with it and share this test file with me for analysis?

Here you go.
Test.xlsx (15.3 KB)

Thank you. We are checking it.

I must inform you that we have registered a new bug on behavior with formatting, e.g. changed font size, etc, reset when refreshing data in Pivot Table. FYI: fixed bug is related to maintaining color style.

Please accept my apologies for all inconvenience caused.

Thanks for letting me know.
At least I know it is not my clumsiness :grinning:
So, in 1 of your next updates I guess this will be fixed.

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