Presentation - in a table, the source formating is not fully preserved when pasting

See bellow :

File :
OO - preserve source formating.pptx (210.5 KB)


Hello @arcqus

Thank you for the demo and file. We are checking the situation.

G’day @arcqus ( and @Constantine )

The matter of centre formatting appears to be still associated with the end of paragraph mark ( ¶ ). So, in this case, that type of formatting is captured with the selection.

In your demo, your selection;
grabbed the paragraph formatting from the previous paragraph, which was left aligned.

But if your selection, had instead grabbed the end marker, like;
Screenshot 2023-10-10 233327
Then when pasted, it too would have been centred.

This has been a feature of word-processing since the “days of antiquity”, well for as long as I can remember, back when the Windows version of Word appeared.
Microsoft Word for DOS didn’t have a WYSIWYG display, so I’m not sure if that ruling applied back then :thinking:

Thanks for your analysis.
So it might be time to break the legacy and set up a new way to do things :slight_smile: ?

@DavidRGreen is correct in this case. We registered bug on this issue. Thank you.