Please import Lotus Word Pro docs (*.lwp)

Please import Lotus Word Pro docs (*.lwp)

Hello @Todd
The Lotus Word Pro is very old app that was released over three decades ago. The last stable version was released 17 years ago: IBM Lotus Word Pro - Wikipedia
To be honest, I don’t see any point of supporting outdated Lotus Word pro files formats nowadays.

Hi Alexandre,

What say you is true. What you are missing is the a lot of us still use Word Pro, which is available for download free of charge. This is because Word Pro is an awesome word processor.

The only thing is does not do better than its modern cousins is right click to correct spelling.

What it runs circles are it modern cousins are:

  1. It has “Division Tabs”. This feature is so terribly powerful that I bristle using other “modern” word processors without it. I have requested it over on
    Please support division tabs

It has a link to tons of folks begging for it to be added to Libre Office

  1. It can actually print envelopes and align your envelopes properly. It runs circles on envelopes around its more modern cousins.

  2. it runs in Linux even under the bug riddled Wine emulator.

With that in mind, it would be nice to be able to migrate to a more modern word processor. This would be greatly facilitated with an *.lwp importer that actually works properly. (Libre Office has one, but it work very poorly. Libre Office is rather awkward to use.)

Get a good *.lwp importer and Division Tabs and Word Pro will FINALLY be retired. (We will all suffer with envelopes.) Please reconsider.

Many thanks,

p.s. would you like me to look up a Lotus Smart Suite download site for you?

Hello @Todd
Just to make it clear, you want to add .lwp files support to the ONLYOFFICE, am I right? Please bear in mind, that ONLYOFFICE native format is OOXML.
However, let’s take a look at it. You have mentioned that Libre Office has .lwp importer, but I can’t find it there. Could you please point me to this feature in the Libre Office editor? Also please provide us with .lwp file sample as well.

As for division tabs feature, Constantine are checking this request already.

I need the directions on how to upload a file to you.

Whilst we wait.
To use Libre Office’s lwp importer:
→ open Libre Office
→ file, open

This is what it is suppose to look like:

This is what I get when I try to upload the original *.lwp document

Would you please consider adding *.lwp, *.odt, and *.ods to the allowed list?

In the mean time, where can I upload the lwp document?

Now that lwp is supported:
SampleWordProDocument.lwp (77.2 KB)

Hello @Todd

Thank you for the file. Indeed, we have added new formats to the table of files that users can upload to this forum.

As for the support of .lwp files: we will discuss this suggestion internally and I will provide feedback afterwards.

We have registered a suggestion on adding support for .lwp files. Unfortunately, no ETA is available as of now.