Please support division tabs

Fedora 39

Please not that this is not a request for “Tabbed UI: Document-per-tab”, which your already support (and I love them too!)

Please consider supporting “division/section-per-tab (similar to Lotus WordPro)”. This was requested for Libre Office back in 2011-01-15 and they have refused to implement it. There is now 58 requests for it. Please see

For examples, screen shots, and the justification behind the request.

This would be an absolute awesome feature to have in Only Office.

Hello @Todd

If I understand correctly, this feature in named processor allows you to jump to certain section of a document by tapping on it similarly to the navigation through Headings menu on the left toolbar, is that correct?
Headings menu description you can find in this article in Manage headings section:

Thank you for the link. I use Tables of Contents a lot.

Division tabs are far move convenient than tables of contents. They allow you to

  1. Confine things to a division. For instance, I can blab on and on in one division, it stays in that division. No need to waste time going to the top of the document and updating the table of contents. I waste tons of time in Libre Office over this.

  2. You can switch to where you want to go with one swipe and one click. YUGE time saver. You do not have to find your way to the top of the document and use table of contents, providing you remembered to update it.

This is a wonderful feature in the abandoned Lotus Word Pro. And one of the reason why I mainly write in it for my own stuff. I have been using Libre Office for things I need to share with customers. I bristle when using it. (I started with a typewriter and have used ~90% of all word processor as they came along. Anyone remember the “Wang” word processors. Thought I’d died and gone to typewriter heaven.)

I am a computer consultant and have installed maybe 150 copies of Libre Office on customer sites over the years. I can count on one hand those customers that actually use it and one of them is me. I have had many buy M$ Office from me in frustration. One employee bought M$ Office with her own money she was so frustrated. I had one challenge me to a timed dual on how fast I could print an envelope versus her on a typewriter (I won by two seconds).

All my serious users just break down and buy M$ Office. If I were to describe Libre Office in a word, it would have to be “awkward”. In many words, I’d have to say “an homage to Rube Goldberg”.

Yes some of customer’s issues with Libre Office is “I can’t learn anything new!”. But it is the awkwardness that triggers this response.

If you look at the link in Libre Office (yes, started by me), you will find many a uses begging for the feature. Libre Office has a habit of ignoring these requests:

I have been using Only Office for only two weeks now and I have to say, it is plainly apparent that intuitiveness and user friendly are high on the list of its goals. Heck, I despise “Tiles” and I get along just fine with yours. And that is a first! I will now be rolling out Only Office on all my customers as the need arises.

Thank you for considering Division Tabs. Sorry for the rant.

Thanks for providing detailed description. We will take a closer look at it and I will provide our feedback on it afterwards.

I’d like to ask you to elaborate on this statement:

Please note that it is not necessary to add table of contents to the document in order to access it. If you format your documents with headings, you will be able to navigate through the document via image Headings tab on the left toolbar.
That way you won’t have to scroll the document to the position where table of contents is added to switch to specified position in the document. It basically mirrors the same functionality as Division tabs, if I understand it correctly, but not from various tabs on top of the canvas but from the left toolbar.

I’d also like to know if it is possible in your opinion to enhance functionality of Headings so that it suits your workflow. If you have any ideas, we are open for the discussion.

Hi Constantine,

The Heading Tab does make things easier, but does require a lot more effort than having Division Tabs. The whole idea behind Division tabs is the quickly organize you document and have quick access to each part.

Creation is a draw:
Heading: you have to create a heading
Division tabs: you have to create your tabs.

Heading: you have to
1) Swipe to and click on the heading tab
2) Close a bunch of down arrows
3) Scroll to where you want
4) Click on the heading you want
5) Since the new heading opens at the bottom of the page, you have to scroll up to read what is under it.

Division tabs:
1) Swipe and click on the division. No fussing. Division opens at the top of the page
2) Right clicking on the tabs gives you a ton of utility not active in heading, such as copy division

Division tabs are a clear winner. Headers are a lot more labor intensive.

The headers tab is a great feature. Improvements would be:
1) open with all the down arrows closed.
2) Have the heading open at the top of the page, rather than the bottom of the page, so no scrolling. You can even delete an entire division if doing a save as and want to remove several divions.

The addition Division Tabs add a ton of easy to use power that is intuitive. If you want to see how Division Tabs operate, download a copy of Lotus Smart Suite and install just Word Pro. If you need help setting up division tabs, write me and I will send instructions.

Thank you for your consideration!

p.s. if yo implement Division tabs, I will happily use both Heading and Division tabs. Love extra easy to use tools in eh tool box. Rube Goldbers tools as a no no.

Thank you for providing information.
We have registered enhancement suggestion to implement division tabs in our editors. However, since we didn’t have such requests earlier, I cannot provide any ETA yet.