Pivot table resulting in an error in onlyoffice

Pivot table resulting in an error in onlyoffice.

In the attached excel file i have created a pivot table and result looks like as follows

Sample.xlsx (15.4 KB)

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 22.30.27

In MS excel if i click on result of sum of device count, for example on 20 or 16 it opens result in another tab/sheet like as follows

But if same file is opened in onlyoffice spreadsheet and when i click on any of the result of sum of device getting an error like as follows

Screen Shot 2023-08-23 at 22.37.40

Is excel equivalent resulting not available in onlyoffice? Kindly clarify. If not available then please made this option available. Thanks

Looking for urgent help with reported behavior so can one of you kindly share an update ASAP? Thanks

Hello @MKVRC

Right now Pivot Tables cannot show the details of the selected cell inside of it. The enhancement suggestion to add this possibility has been registered earlier, I’ve added your request to it.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide ETA on this functionality yet.

Hi Constantine,

thank you for the update. Hope this will be made available soon…

Hello @MKVRC

This suggestion was implemented in the newly released version 7.5 of Desktop Editors. Please update your instance and check situation.

We are looking forward to your feedback.

Hi Constantine,

Thank you for the notification and update. Good to see the option requested was implemented in OO 7.5.

But I did come across an issue/bug related to date and will share more details soon

Thank you once again.


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Hi Constantine,

As informed earlier please find the bug/issue I came across in pivot table in OO 7.5

In the attached spreadsheet "OO 7.5 Pivot Table Bug-Issue.xlsx” there are 2 columns: Date & Item

I created a pivot table using above, having fields like:

  • Date in Rows
  • Items in Values

Date format can be seen or proper format in Rows in pivot table

When details of the selected cell inside in pivot table is selected and opens up in another sheet, in case of OO 7.5 date is shown as “45216” as well header is taken from the sheet name (like: From OO 7.5) which is wrong.

To convert 45216 I need to right click on these and → Number format → Have to select Short or Long date format → then the correct/right date is shown => this is the bug I am referring to….

But when same spreadsheet is opened in MS excel date is shown properly & have added this result as well in same spreadsheet for your reference.

Hope this will be addressed soon….thank you.

Should you have any queries or need more details then please let me know.

OO 7.5 Pivot Table Bug-Issue.xlsx (17.2 KB)

Even though this issue is related to the newly implemented functionality, it seems to be a bit different from the original topic of this thread. I’d ask you to create a new thread with all details about the problem.