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Paste numbering bug

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Document Server version: 7.4
Type of installation of the Document Server (docker, deb/rpm, exe)
OS: docker
Browser version: chrome 115

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    sample file (14.4 KB)

Hello @huzedong2022
I have opened provided file in the MS Office and Document server v.7.4.1. No issues were detected, the numbering is the same in the both editors.
Please clarify the exact version of your Document server. Additionally, you can try to clean browser cache\cookies. Please let us know if it solves the situation.

I am using the Chinese version of MS Word

Sorry for the late reply.
I have checked MS 2013, MS 365, stand-alone Document server v.7.4.1 and the latest ONLYOFFICE Desktop app. In all mentioned editors these numbering list appears the same:

I see difference on a)- a)→ on MS 2013, but it seems that it appears only on this version (it doesn’t appear on MS 365).
However, I can’t reproduce the situation from your initial screenshot. If you ran some additional actions, other than just opening the file in an editor, please provide us with additional information.

I have compared DSv.7.4.1 and MS 2019:

No issues with numbering are detected. Could you please record a videofile while you’re reproducing the situation step by step. Probably I have missed something in the test scenario.

Thank you! We are checking the situation.

Hello @huzedong2022
Thank you for valuable data! We have found a bug in the described scenario.
We have started working on it.