Option to add any background color in document, spreadsheet, presentation in OnlyOffice mobile app


I have suggested these two features: Option for dark background in Presentation and Make an option for "Dark Document" in Document so that the page has a dark background for dark background. You can stop making these two features and make a new and better feature.

Add these two features:

a. Add suggested colors so that we can choose like dark, dark grey, dark blue, grey, brown, red, blue, purple etc.

b. And add custom color mode. I have named the video “custom color mode”. So, in the video we have an option to choose any background color we want. This could be made in OO mobile app.


custom color mode

Hello @nicesto :wave:

We are taking closer look at this suggestion. I can’t promise that it will appear soon.
I will inform you when any news come up. :handshake:

I want to add, this suggestion should also apply to pdf.

Hey @nicesto

We have registered your suggestion to add possibility to change the background color of the document/presentation/spreadsheet.


I have wrote this above, but here it is again. This suggestion should also apply to pdf.

So, three desktop editors document/presentation/spreadsheet and pdf.