OnlyOffice Nextcloud Connector not working

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Document Server version:
Docker version 20.10.24+dfsg1, build 297e128

Connector version:
DMS (platform) version: Nextcloud Hub 8 (29.0.0)
Server version: Apache/2.4.59 (Debian)
OS: Raspberry Pi 5, Raspberry Pi OS Debian GNU/Linux 12 (bookworm)
Browser version: Chrome, Opera latest version

Additional information:
I am trying to connect OnlyOffice with Nextcloud on my RPI5 server.
Nextcloud has been installed manually and set up behind a Apache2 server.
OnlyOffice is installed in Docker.
Now I can access onlyoffice via port 8080 and I can access it via http://my.ip.address:8080, as well as a domain that I own via

When I now install the OnlyOffice connector through the Nextcloud app page and type in all the settings and click on “Save”, nothing happens. No error message, nothing.

I have tried installing OnlyOffice connector manually, but same issue.

I have tried typing the Public Ip address:8080, I have tried the way, but same issue.

I have tried typing it manually in in /var/www/html/nextcloud/config/config.php
Now when I do this the settings section appears and in the files section, there is spreadheets, docs and presentation option is added to the action dropdown menu, there is only an error message: “This content is blocked. To resolve the issue, contact the website owner.”

So, I hope someone knows an answer to this issue…

Does this happen because my docker version is too old??

Hello @jv2007

Please clarify the connector app version. Is it v.9.2.0? If so, probably you have faced the same situation that we have discussed in this thread: Nextcloud 28.05 onlyoffice plugin 9.2.0 bug - #16 by Alexandre
We are working on the fix already. it will be included in the next version of the connector app. Meanwhile, we have prepared test build that should resolve the issue. The alternative solution is to use the connector app v.9.1.2 or older version.

I see. yes it’s version 9.2.0
sounds like the same issue.
when is the new version due?

Hello @jv2007
We are actively checking the upcoming v.9.2.2 right now. We will release it as soon as possible, however, I cannot provide you with ETA at the moment.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hello @jv2007
The connector app v.9.2.2 has been released.

thank you very much!

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