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Onlyoffice groups Installation/updation on air gapped system

Hi OnlyOffice Community,
is there any way to install/update onlyoffice groups in air gapped system. I don’t have direct access to internet on the required server so can it be done by populating all the repositories offline ?

Hello @vssc
The easiest way to install and update on an air-gapped system is to use Docker.
You need to archive the necessary images and install them on an air-gapped computer (using docker save/ docker load).

Here is the guide:

  1. Download Community Server, Control Panel, MySQL, and elasticsearch images using docker pull.
  2. Save these images as .docker files using docker save.
  3. Transfer the .docker files to your offline machine and load them using docker load.
    More info here:
    offline files - Downloading docker image for transfer to non-internet-connected machine - Server Fault.
  4. Download the installation script and transfer to your offline machine
  5. Run the script bash -cv xxxx -cpv xxxx -ims false -ids false replacing xxx with the downloaded versions of Community Server and Control Panel respectively.
    -ims false means Mail Server is not installed.
    -ids false means Document Server is not installed.

More info about additional script parameters can be found here: additional script parameters

Updating on Docker is made by downloading the new images from the Docker Hub page, transferring them to your offline machine, and installing them by ONLY using a specific version tag and not the “latest” tag, since in this case, Docker will try to connect to the internet.

Docker Hub pages of ONLYOFFICE Groups components -
Community Server
Control Panel
MySQL 8.0.29
ElasticSearch OO

Please, do not use the “latest” tag neither when installing nor updating the components.

By the way, probably you have to install net-tools and ElasticSearch on the server as well (as for ElasticSearch, few versions ago we moved this service to separate container). So, reference commands: apt install net-tools and docker pull onlyoffice/elasticsearch:7.16.3. The other way is to disable ElasticSearch with -ies false flag.

NB! We recommend to prepare whole server backup before any server side actions just in case.

Hi @Alexandre Thanks for your reply.
After installing onlyoffice using docker, if i need to change any settings then how to restart the service. I mean to say what is alternative of this command ==== systemctl restart monoserve in docker installation.

if i need to change any settings then how to restart the service.

It depends to what you want to change. For example, If you want to change Document server config files, you have to run supervisorctl restart all command inside the container to restart all services and accept changes in most common scenarios. The same thing for Mono service inside Community server container, it is used in most common scenarios after editing some Community server config files.
If it’s possible please clarify your usage scenario.