OnlyOffice Disconnects from NC27 - Not Yet Solved

Dear support team,

I’m facing the same issue as JP57 though using Onlyoffice app V8.2.4.

The issue popped up first time about 2 weeks ago after updating to NC27.1.5.

Prior to that I was using Onlyoffice without any issue. Onlyoffice itself (eg. ) is up’n running.

Any Idea what’s wrong? In docker I find occasionally log warnings like this:


Blockquote [2023-12-27T11:13:13.388] [WARN] [localhost] [docId] [userId] nodeJS - io.connection_error code=3, message=Bad request

Thanks for your support and happy new year to you guys

Hello @derfuchs98

I see that you also created separate topic, please do not post duplicate threads on the same issue.

I am closing this thread as a duplicate. Please see the reply in original thread: