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OnlyOffice Default Style change

I have started using the OnlyOffice Document Editor (Linux version).

Is there a way to change to default document settings, ie margin size, font type, font size? And create a default document template?

I want all new documents to open with my default settings.


Hello @Piggy-Malone

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable in ONLYOFFICE. I will definitely forward your suggestion to our Development Team.

Seconded. I am not a fan of the default margins and find it to be a slight annoyance that I have to switch them to 1-inch every time I make a document.

You can locate the empty files (new.docx/new.xlsx/new.pptx) for every locale at
C:\Program Files\ONLYOFFICE\DesktopEditors\converter\empty
and set your own settings for the default files.