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.Net Wrapper can't add doctrenderer.dll

Windows 10 x64
DocumentBuilder version: 7.2.0

Hello, when I try to add reference to doctrenderer.dll library on my framework 4.8 or .Net 6 projects i get an error.
I use console application

Hello @Forbz

I am sorry for the late reply.

Could you share with us the scenario on how do you want to use the libraries?
In case you want to integrate the Document Builder to the .Net please refer to this official guide:

Hello @Constantine

I want to integrate DocBuilder into a WinForms application to open/save/close files and read/write their properties. As far as I understand, these examples are given for the web application

Sent you details via PM.

Forgot to mention:
The fix for the .dll libraries will be released with version 7.3.