ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 with conditional formatting, new scaling options, and WOPI protocol support
ONLYOFFICE Docs v6.4 released

Mouse pointer not scaling correctly, super small

I am using version 6.3.1 with Ubuntu 21.04, my desktop has scaling of 200%, ONLYOFFICE also has a scaling of 200% everything looks ok but the mouse cursor who is super small, I can barely see it

OS version: Ubuntu 21.04
App version: 6.3.1
Downloaded from: ONLYOFFICE website → Snap Store

Hello brosenz.
Could you please provide us with a screenshot of this issue?

I couldn’t take a Print Screen because the mouse cursor will disappear, here there is a photo with the phone:Onlyoffice

Hello again brosenz.

We were able to reproduce the situation with HiDPI monitor. We added a bug to our internal tracksystem (bug number - 52359).

When a solution is found, we’ll add it as a fix in one of the next versions of Desktop Editors.

Thank you for valuable information.

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Please fix it ASAP, tell me which Laptop screen is NOT an HiDPi screen today? Almost all of them are high resolution, and with the cursor size today (super small), the app is unusable, thank you