Line space and font style changed in onlyOffice (onlyOffice V7.1)

Line space changed

Well, I find out that this is because the onlyOffice not support the attribute:

(In English:If a document grid is defined, align with the grid)

Is this a compatibility issue?

Font style changed,Why?

Here is the file
paragraphQ2.docx (22.4 KB)


Hi @LittleZ

Regarding the first issue: I’ve forwarded the document to our team. I’ll update you as soon as we have more information.

As for the second issue:
When comparing the document in ONLYOFFICE 8.0.1 and Word 365, I couldn’t find any differences in font recognition.


We already have a bug report for the issue you described. Another user encountered the same problem: here

I’ll notify you as soon as the problem is resolved!