License not activating for Nextcloud app

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Document Server version: 8.0.1-31
OS: ubuntu server on VM
Browser version: ios app

Seams the license is not being accepted by onlyoffice or nextcloud’s app. I followed the instructions and placed license.lic in /var/www/onlyoffice/Data/ . looking for solutions I found Unable to register after purchasing license and followed advice to edit paths to license. I don’t see any errors in the logs pertaining licensing.

Nextcloud app displays popup opening doc indicating there is no license.

I have found the bug.

Nowhere in the install instructions sent with the license.lic file indicates a user must uninstall community and reinstall the Enterprise Edition. Would be nice to correct the docs.

Hello @CaptainYuce

We are glad to know that you’ve managed to resolve the situation by yourself.
Surely we will take into consideration you feedback, thank you.