License limit reached

“According to the OnlyOffice Workspace Community Edition documentation, the limit of logged-in users on the portal is 20. I don’t have that many users here in the company, but occasionally I receive the message below stating that the connection limit has been reached. What is actually happening? Unfortunately, there is no place in OnlyOffice administration that allows me to see all users connected to the server.”

Versions of OnlyOffice Workspace Community Edition used
Type of installation of Workspace: docker
OS: Ubuntu 22.04.2 LTS
Control panel:
Community Server:
Document Server version:


Hey @regrocsi :handshake:

Karl has already provided insights into the workings of editing sessions. Limit of simultaneous connections - OnlyOffice

For a more comprehensive overview, you may visit the link. Alexandre has shared additional information: What exactly is Document Server 20 connection limit?

Regrettably, real-time monitoring capabilities for editing session statistics of users are unavailable in OnlyOffice Workspace.

Ok, with the information provided by Alexandre in the link you sent, it clarified things better. Unfortunately, for an open-source project, this limitation is not good.