Is there an indicator of whether the current doc has been saved (or not)?

Is there anything that lets you know whether you need (or don’t need) to resave the current doc (i.e., that you have or haven’t made additional edits since the last ‘save’)?

Hey @mk7z :grinning:

You can read more about how saving works in this article:
Save and force save in ONLYOFFICE

A small part of the text from the article:

By default, when you are working on a document all of your changes are saved to the editors’ cache (Document Server). After you close the doc, all the changes are sent from Document Server to your storage and your file is saved as DOCX, XLSX, or PPTX.

You can decide when you want your changes sent to Document Server. Find the Autosaving option in the File tab → Advanced settings:

  • If autosaving is on, your changes are sent to Document Server (the editors cache) automatically.
  • If it’s off you need to click the Save button to save your changes in the editors’ cache.

The fact that the data got into the cache is signaled by 2 points:

  1. there is no symbol (*) on the document tab

  2. the active label in the status bar: all changes saved

Please do not hesitate asking questions if you have any!

Thanks, @Nikolas, I have looked at several documents I have open and I don’t see “All changes saved” for any of them; same re the asterisk. Any idea why?

Also, as a free version user, am I interacting with the Document Server at all, or is everything I’m doing with OnlyOffice only happening between the app and my local storage media?


Yes, you’re asking about ONLYOFFICE Desktop.

However, you have tagged it as “Docs,” which specifically refers to the product we release - ONLYOFFICE Docs
You can find more detailed information about this product there.

I suggest changing the tag to “Desktop editors.” :handshake:

When using ONLYOFFICE Desktop, all the information remains on your local device (unless you connect to the cloud).

For the desktop version, you’ll see the message “All changes saved” but there is also (*) on the document tab, indicating that the changes made to the document haven’t been saved yet.

> I suggest changing the tag to “Desktop editors.” :handshake:

Thanks, I am looking for where to change the tag. Where is that exactly? :slight_smile:

After that, I will work on understanding the difference between “Docs” and “Desktop editors” – other than that the latter includes other apps besides Docs. :slight_smile:

Right in the topic title. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are glad to help.
Please do not hesitate asking questions if you have any. :wink:

I am not seeing any of these things.

I’m using OnlyOffice v. 7.3.3 (538) x86_64 . Free version. No cloud.

The tabs at the top of my screen are:
File / Home / Insert / Layout / References / Collaboration / Protection / View / Plugins.

When I click (or right-click) on the document title I don’t see anything. Nothing happens.

I never see an ‘asterisk’, “In-progress”, or anything else indicating the saved/unsaved status of the document or a way to enter tags.

The only thing I see on-screen indicating activity is “Saving” when I save a doc.

What accounts for the difference in what you see and what I see?


It seems to me that we might be talking about slightly different things. :thinking:
Could you provide the following information:

  1. A video of you editing and then saving the document?
  2. The operating system on which ONLYOFFICE Desktop is installed.
  3. The version of your application, which is currently 7.3.3. The current version is 7.4.1.

Hi @Nikolas,

I’ve never done anything with video.

How does one make a video while editing/saving a document?

Also (unrelated), can a new doc with a generic name (e.g., “Document 1 .docx”) be renamed before you ‘save’ it?

I would like to rename it immediately – i.e., without first having to ‘save’ it.


(I could do one or more screenshots and upload them to a reply so that you could verify which OnlyOffice I am using – and perhaps why I am not seeing any of the indicators you’ve referred to. I am on a Mac. My OS is ‘Mojave’ – OS 10.14.3.)

Nope :roll_eyes:

I have Ubuntu, I think it will help you:

I will now check if there are any differences between the Linux and macOS versions in this regard.