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I have a question about the process or maybe it’s just a missing feature.
I use onlyOffice application on an Ipad.
We work with shared files (on a cloud) and as I travel a lot by train, sometimes, I lost the internet connection and I don’t know if my file is saved or not, I can loose my work if I come back.
Is there a way to save a file without to clic on the back button ? This way, I could try to save without loosing my work. (as google

Thanks for your help !


Hey @Guiillt :slight_smile:

It looks like your suggestion relates to user @dimm’s request from this thread: Request for explicit save button.
Unfortunately, there is no timeline for its implementation yet.

Could you please let us know if there are any other users you know who have encountered similar issues?

This suggestion likely pertains more to local files.
For indicating file saving in the cloud within the mobile editor, I’ve drafted a separate proposal. Once I have more information about the resolution, I’ll update you.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

@Nikolas, the suggestion you mentioned may serve both ways. To save a file in the cloud, one may check the accompanied checkbox (as the example of the method.). Or it could be a two menu items, if the cloud mode is enabled. (This would increase the total ways of saving a file to five, which is some too many, though. :slight_smile: )

I’ll update now the post you’ve referred to.

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Actually, all the users have this issue. Since the internet connection isn’t stable, it’s impossible to know when to press the back button. We don’t know if we are currently connected or not when we are on a train. I have read a similar post; a save button may help prevent losing work. A message like “Unable to save, no connection, please try again later” after attempting to save files could be helpful. I really like OnlyOffice; we have accounts on INFOMANIAK and that could help us improve team collaboration.

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In this case the option may be introduced via the choice button to save the file locally instead, with background cloud update scheduled when the internet appears on the device. (The latter could be a second-step implement of the feature.).

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Thanks for your reply. I tested a new way to use OnlyOffice with Kdrive cloud connected on my iPad. I simulated a disconnectio, pressed the back button, and it saved a temporary local file (not an expected workflow)

I tried with iCloud, and we can save even if we are not connected (maybe that’s what you mentioned), and the sync works when the internet connection is back.

If Kdrive cloud could work this way, that would be wonderful.

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@dimm @Guiillt :handshake:

I have incorporated your feedback and will keep you updated as soon as any new information becomes available! :hugs:

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