Incorrect doc formatting and display issues

When I open this document in Only Office, the section names “crawl away” compared to the original formatting in MS Office. WPS office formatting shows as in the original (MS Word).
And could you make it possible to show 2-3 pages in one row, as in other offices? Sometimes it is necessary to quickly review the design of the document and scroll through one page less clearly and takes more time.
Отчет2.docx (128.9 KB)

hey @Prikolist2022

We are working on it already (suggestion – 35959).
I’ve added your request to mentioned suggestion.
Encountered some minor difficulties during implementation…

Found one match:

If possible, please attach screenshots to make it faster to search.

It must look so.

And the rest formatting is also not good

And one more question: could you make a separate installation? I need only text editor (like Word) without any Excel or Presentation but I have to have the whole package OnlyOffice.

hmm, I can’t reproduce problem from your second screenshot.

  • word version?

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors version (x64 exe)
Word for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2306 Build 16.0.16529.20164) 64-bit