Image rotating after uploading a doc with images

Document Server version: 7.3

when i upload a document that has a image it rotates the image like below

Thats the document before uploading in the onlyoffice

Heres the document

OPL 258.docx (1.0 MB)

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Hi @mctvp :handshake:

Thank you for providing the file and describing the issue.
We are checking the situation. I will inform you once we have an update.

P.S. The current version of the Document Server (Docs) is 7.5.1 :slight_smile:

Ty :saluting_face:
We have created a bug report for the issue you encountered
I will contact you immediately once we release a fix.

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any updates?

Hello @mctvp

Unfortunately, there no news are available yet. We will notify you once the issue is resolved and fix is officially released.

+1 This has existed for many versions now and has become a major issue. I have had to manually rotate my images for export to pdf and pptx for anybody else’s view. This shouldn’t have to be done. Hopefully this gets resolved asap.

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you right, my clients are all complaining about it

@maevebaksa :handshake:
Added you to the list of those interested in fixing this bug.

Unfortunately, there are no specific timelines for resolving this issue at the moment. :crying_cat_face:

Does the issue has been fixed in the update 8.0.0

The issue has not been resolved yet.

any updates?

With regret, alas…