ONLYOFFICE 7.0: online forms, password protection in sheets, collaboration improvements and much more
ONLYOFFICE 7.0 released

How to understand the flow of the project?

I’m trying to understand the OnlyOffice project mainly the sdkjs part, so the module i’m trying to learn right now is the Table, since i’m trying to implement a feature like highlighting a text(custom) but its hard for me to understand of where to start and make the changes in the sdkjs folder.

What my end goal is to understand the project and implement my own changes in it.

  1. What i need to understand before i do my changes?
  2. How is the communication between API is working and make changes in it?
  3. Implement my own feature that is in sync with the Application.
  4. Is it possible to make changes in it?


OS version: Ubuntu 20.04LTS
App version: DocumentServer 7.0.1
Downloaded from: GITHUB

Hello @Octane
Please check it out: ONLYOFFICE Api Documentation - SetHighlight
Is this what you are looking for?
If I misunderstood situation please clarify it.

Actually I’m looking for a way to add my own feature which is similar to Highlight, but I wanted to implement my own Highlighting(my highlighting is for nested highlights and way to draw it) but don’t want to use what you guys have provided so if i wanted to write my own code so where should i be starting with?

If so you have an idea of how to use same code so could you provide the guidelines for it?

Please note that we do not provide support for source code changes on the forum. If you highly interested in that, please try to ask my colleagues on GitHib: ONLYOFFICE · GitHub

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Okay thank you, so if i have doubts regarding the application i can ask here, but not regarding source changes, it’s fine by me then if i have some question on the editor itself will try to ask it here.

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